Salary and Benefits


Please see the Harbor-UCLA Main Website link on Salary and Benefits, which can be found here.


Briefly, the salary starts at roughly $50,000 with approximately a $5,000 increase per PGY year. In addition, a stipend is provided to purchase various types of insurance (e.g., health, dental, disability, life, vision) and money that is not spent on that will be added to your salary (most residents get an additional $2,000 per year in unspent stipend money). Bilingual residents may also receive an additional $100 per month as a bonus. An educational bonus of $2,000 will be paid upon starting your PGY-2 year. Sick days that are not taken may also be partially converted into additional pay.



Cafeteria: Three meals per day are provided in the Doctor's Cafeteria free of charge.

Scrubs: Scrubs and white coats are provided to residents, and can be exchanged for clean ones when worn.

Employer-matched 401(k): A percentage of your salary can be contributed to a retirement plan with 100% employer matching.

Call Rooms and Taxi Vouchers: Call rooms are available 24/7 for residents to sleep in. Too tired to drive after a shift? A taxi voucher will be provided.

Retreat: Every year the entire residency program gets time off to spend at retreat to relax and bond!

ACEP: Every year the senior residents will have a stipend and the entire week of the ACEP conference off to learn and network with people around the country!